Beginner Zentangle

Zentangle is an easy-to-learn, calming method used to create beautiful art by drawing structured patterns. The Zentangle process is designed to help anyone tap into their innate creativity and experience a state of calm and flow. No prior experience or artistic background is needed - anyone can create beautiful art one pen stroke at a time! Join Certified Zentangle Teacher Tamara DeFord in a fun and relaxing atmosphere to learn the basics of this meditative and engaging art form.  Please check out the supply information provided in order to be prepared with supplies for class!

To Bring/Important Notes

I have 24 supply kits available for the first 24 people to register and contact me with a mailing address (out of district) or School District 57 worksite.  These supply kits contain all the materials needed for class.  Please contact me at least a week in advance for a supply kit so that it has time to arrive to you in the school mail or regular mail (or we can arrange for a local Prince George pick-up).  Contact me at to arrange for one of these kits. 

If you do not end up with a kit, here are the supplies that you need to bring to class:

  1. Fine-tip black marker.  I use Sakura Micron 01 pens (available at Michaels and other art/craft stores), but any fine-tip black marker will work (Sharpie brand is OK)
  2. White 3.5" square tile - the beginner kit comes with the Zentangle brand tiles, but you can make your own!  Find the best artist paper you have available to you (in a pinch, printer paper or cardstock will work OK).  Measure and cut out a 3.5" square from the paper.  Alternatively, you can just draw the outline of a square on your paper, but it is nice to work with a fully separate tile.
  3. Pencil - a regular HB pencil works great!
  4. Tortillon - this is a rolled paper stump for blending graphite during the shading step.  These are available inexpensively at Art supply stores.  

Please feel free to contact me with questions about supplies for class!


1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

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  • Tamara DeFord

    Tamara has worked with SD 57 as an intermediate teacher for the last 15 years.  She has taught all intermediate grades in a variety of schools and settings.  Tamara has also worked as a Curriculum Coach and Math Coach for SD57 and enjoys working with teachers to develop their instructional practice.  She currently teaches Grade 5/6 at Ecole College Heights Elementary.