Introducing Mindfulness Meditation to the Classroom

Practicing mindful meditation has been clinically proven to lower anxiety levels in people of all ages. When practiced consistently, mindfulness can actually "rewire" our brains to experience the world in a much calmer and self-aware way. Our students live in an increasingly stressful world. Constant stimulus like cell phones keep many teenagers in a perpetual state of reaction and stress. This workshop will help you gently introduce the practice of mindfulness and mental wellness to teenagers and intermediate school age children. You can also use this practice in your own personal life. I will provide:

-basic understanding of practice

-experience a short practice.

-basic steps and resources to introduce concepts and practice to your class. 

Target Audience



10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

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  • SD 57
    Tiger Thakkar

    Tiger Thakkar has been teaching English and Film Studies at high school in District #57 for many years. After formally training in mindfulness at UNBC he was part of a school initiative to bring the practice to students. Grade 12 students in particular were given the chance to earn mental health scholarships at CNC and UNBC. Tiger brings this practice to his classes on a regular basis.