K-3 Integrated Resource Unit: Kids and Rocks

MineralsEd's K-3 Integrated Resource Unit: Kids & Rocks is an integrated resource unit for primary students that uses geological themes to teach learning concepts in science, social studies, math, language arts, music, fine arts, and more. The workshop has two parts: the first part is a presentation on the basics of geology, including plate tectonic theory, the difference between rocks and minerals, types of rocks, and hands-on learning about how to identify common rocks; in the second part Ann introduces the lessons and learning activities in the resource binder, reviews all the materials in the resource unit kit, and shares teaching ideas and advice.

Target Audience


To Bring/Important Notes

Bring an egg carton with a collection of rocks (common ones) and backpack or tote to carry away resource unit kit materials.


10:30 AM - 3:00 PM

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  • Ann Brace

    Ann Brace is one of the original developers of MineralsEd’s K-3 Integrated Resource Unit: Kids & Rocks and has presented the in-service workshop for this unit to BC teachers across the province.   She is an experienced and inspiring primary specialist who taught for many years in the Burnaby school district. Ann is an ongoing contributor to the development of MineralsEd’s teaching materials and learning activities, and currently also delivers a complementary classroom workshop, Kids & Rocks, for primary students.

  • Sheila Stenzel

    Sheila is a geologist and Director of MineralsEd. She has teamed up with Ann Brace for many years to help present the geology part of this K-3 workshop and help build teachers' excitement and confidence in teaching about this important natural science.