Four Ways that Culture Can Inspire Your Students with Metis Bev

Note: This is an in-person workshop taking place at École College Heights Elementary School in the gym.

1) Provide training on "Who are the Metis People?" How Culture can build student confidence, self Esteem, help them accept one another to stop bullying. Acknowledging these Roots can guide your students to find perfect balance in life. (Who I am -Past) (What I am- future) (Memorial Cultural Photo Shoot with Traditional Clothing) 

2)  Educational Careers & Culture Traditional ways can help students to achieve dreams, stay grounded while exploring their purpose in life, What gift do grandmothers leave them.

3) 4 quick tips on how to teach students to motivate themselves daily to improve their Mental wellness in very simple concept. It's important to help your student learn how to improve their mind, body, and spirits through Culture healings. 

 4) Metis Aerobics. "Let's get Jigging" ( wear light workout cloths)

How can Cultural dance help students with mental and physical wellness. We will have light cardio workout to destress for the day with motivational music. Experience for yourself how "Jigging" can keep you in shape and lift your spirits.

Music ( Traditional and also add modern motivational songs)

Prizes Draws - Contest for Best Participation Awards - Contest interactive games. Competitive dancing to let off some steam and practice letting go the fear.

Q & A Moving Forward Trauma is what holds us back and its the fears of past that may cause students and us to struggle, succeed in all aspects of life. We will engage in an open discussion on how this had an impact on Indigenous students, people and how my simple model can assist in the healing process.

Metis Bev - "Lets have great day together and get rid of those Covid Blues"


1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
École College Heights Elementary

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10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
École College Heights Elementary

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This workshops is held offsite at École College Heights Elementary - 5410 Cowart Rd, , - Prince George, British Columbia - V2N 1Z2 - Canada


  • Metis Bev
    Beverly Lambert

    My Name is - Metis Bev ( Beverly Lambert)

    I am originally from ( Buttertown) a small Metis northern community near Fort Vermilion Alberta. I was raised with 19 sibling with my Metis Traditional ways and yes we sure had plenty laughter, music and dance lessons every day. 

    For 25 years I have the opportunity to teach and educate in many school districts, communities, conference, youth camps, Provincial and Federal government events. I am very passionate and made it a mission of mine to educate about Culture and its importance to healing your Mind Body Spirit. 

    My knowledge comes from all my ancestors I am grateful to pass it onto  our next generation so they can live a healthy life style. My humorous ways of teaching will definitely lift your spirit, lets leave our fear behind and create good memories together. I am looking forward meeting everyone. Metis Bev