Visual Algebra - Seeing is Believing!

In this hands-on workshop we will explore algebra using visual patterns in order to better understand variables as well as representing patterns as equations. We will also use algebra tiles and double number lines to better understand the process of solving equations conceptually and visually. We will be weaving in the curricular competencies as well as First Peoples Principles of Learning in order to ensure we are teaching in ways that meet more of our diverse learners' needs.

Target Audience

Grades 7-9

To Bring/Important Notes

Algebra tiles


10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

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  • Nikki Lineham

    Nikki Lineham has helped many teachers transform their math practices and gain new confidence not only in their teaching, but also in their own mathematical understanding since she began mentoring teachers in 2007. Her passion for math education stems from the transformations she sees in students when they are engaged, learning conceptually, collaborating, communicating and developing growth mindsets. Nikki works in the Victoria School District as a math teacher and a mentor to teachers. She loves team teaching, co-planning and modeling lessons for teachers grades 1-9. Nikki began her career in 2001 as a high school Math and English teacher, and has taught in both BC and the UK. She discovered the magic of teaching conceptually in 2006 while researching for her Master’s degree in Leadership. Nikki has presented at conferences such as the Northwest Mathematics Conference, BCAMT conferences, Tapestry, Surrey Teacher’s Association Conference and for individual schools and school teams throughout BC. Nikki is an energetic speaker who shares the research that she reads voraciously, as well as her own experiences from teaching in the classroom where she puts best-practice strategies into action.