Wait, myBlueprint isn't just for career education? An Introduction to myBlueprint for all subjects

It's easy to think that myBlueprint is just for careers teachers, considering the wide-variety of features that support career education. But don't let this steer you away from the great features that can support your classroom, no matter your subject area! This session will include a demo of the student account features in Education Planner that support documenting and assessing student growth, such as the Goals and Portfolio features, and the features that support student exploration of self, such as myBlueprint's suite of Who Am I surveys. A focus will be on complementing your existing classroom practices and extending your repertoire with a platform that you and all your students have access to through your district. Participants will have built-in exploration time to put their learning into practice.

To Bring/Important Notes

  1. Working on a laptop or desktop (as opposed to your mobile device) will be easier - I have built "play-time" into the session.
  2. If possible, please activate your myBlueprint account before getting started. Need help? Don't hesitate to contact an administrator or counsellor at your school, or reach out to myBlueprint support: support@myBlueprint.ca 


1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

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    Natalie Priest

    Natalie is a Partner Success Specialist at myBlueprint and supports BC educators with the implementation of myBlueprint's digital portfolio and career planning tools. Her 12 years of classroom teaching experience, teaching in South Korea, Mexico, and Ontario, paired with a Master of Arts in Educational Technology, has made Natalie a passionate advocate for providing students with the opportunity to digitally document their learning journeys while creating positive online profiles.