Boosting Your Confidence In Uncertain Times - Tips and tools to help you move forth in this new world with courage and calm.

Our world as we know it has changed forever. Every single woman, man and child has been affected in some way. In such unprecedented times many are riddled with anxiety, fear, and worry, and for good reason. 

Although these are natural emotional reactions to the unknown, remaining in a place of worry and fear of what ‘might’ happen is counterproductive. This energy could be better used toward coming up with solutions, being proactive instead of reactive, and pulling together to make our schools and communities a safer and more calm place for everyone. 

In this 1 hour workshop, you’ll find ways to adjust to the ever changing environment of the world by finding ways to:


  • reduce anxiety and create more calm for yourself and your students. 

  • reduce the effects of stress and worry on your body and better channel that pent up energy. 

  • reframe your thoughts, your words, and your habits.

  • incorporate mindfulness exercises to help you and your students make peace with what presents.

Target Audience

All teachers.

To Bring/Important Notes

A pen and the accompanying handouts. There are two! 


11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

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  • Kristy Ware Coaching
    Kristy Ware

    Kristy Ware is a holistic health coach, speaker, author and educator. She inspires people to live happier healthier lives through personal growth and development. She believes that we must be the change we wish to see in the world, and in order to best support future generations, we must start with ourselves. Kristy’s passion for speaking and coaching shines through in her ability to mix humour with realism, capture an audience, and share her message with encouragment, helping people take action around their health and well-being.