Food for Us: Learning about foods and how things grow, a grade 2-3 program.

Food for Us is an 8 lesson food literacy program designed to help grade 2 and 3 students explore foods and learn about where their food comes from. Developed by registered dietitians and filled with opportunities for experiential learning and tasting, it provides teachers with fun, straightforward lesson plans that meet BC curriculum standards. This workshop provides teachers with an overview of the program and strategies to help students develop positive feelings around food and eating. Participation will provide teachers with:

  1. Strategies to help students develop positive feelings about food and eating including evidence-based information on eating competence and feeding dynamics 
  2. A review of lesson plans and experiential activities for the classroom and home
  3. Information on the free program materials that can be ordered annually including a teacher guide and student materials
  4. Links to Canada’s Food Guide and BC Curriculum: Physical and Health Education, Applied Design Skills and Technologies, and more. 
  5. Access to annual Mini Food Grants to support experiential learning

Target Audience

Elementary school teachers (K-7)


1:15 PM - 2:45 PM

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  • BC Dairy
    Erica Cahill

    As a registered dietitian with BC Dairy, Erica contributes to our vision of a healthy, thriving British Columbia through the promotion of BC Dairy’s innovative food and nutrition education programs. After receiving a degree in earth and environmental sciences from UBC Okanagan she pursued a career as a registered dietitian as a way to combine her love and knowledge of food and where it comes from with a passion for helping BC communities.