Stronger Students, Better Leaders: Supporting Students Through a Strengths-Based Approach

Participants will explore the concept of strengths as the activities that most energize us and how knowing our strengths can be an effective foundation for developing leadership capacity. At Minerva BC, we believe that people are at our most powerful when contributing from a place of our strength. We will uncover the myths and truths of strengths-based leadership and discuss the benefit of finding those activities that put us in
a state of “flow.” This interactive session will provide educators with valuable tools for identifying strengths in ourselves and our
students. There will be opportunity for small group discussion and reflection into how we as educators can more effectively play to our strengths. We believe that when people can focus more of their energy into their strengths instead of their weaknesses, they develop a more positive self-identity, grow their capacity for meaningful action, and live happier lives.

Target Audience

Secondary School Educators

To Bring/Important Notes

Just a notebook and pen.


10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

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  • Minerva BC
    Ashley Milbury

    Ashley Milbury is proud to be Minerva's Youth Programs Manager. Her strengths are primarily rooted in the building of meaningful relationships. She gets the most satisfaction from empathetic listening and supporting others to reach their goals. Ashley operates from a place of values-based leadership and brings a strong sense of her values to all that she does. She is most convincing and effective when working toward something she is passionate about and is grateful to do this every day with Minerva's youth programs. Ashley cares deepy about emboldening the next generation of leaders to find their voice and use it!