Rocks, Mineral Resources and Mining: Intermediate Integrated Resource Unit on Mining

This workshop introduces MineralsEd's comprehensive Integrated Resource Unit on Mining. This unit on Earth’s mineral resources and the mining process, uses mining as the theme for learning across the curriculum (e.g. language arts, science, social studies, math, planning and art). It introduces rocks and minerals, and covers mining in the past, present and future, BC’s mining communities, mining and the environment, the uses of minerals in
everyday life, & careers. Mining is a multi-faceted topic that lends itself to enquiry-based learning that is new and fun for intermediate students. The workshop has two parts: the first part is hands-on learning about the rocks and minerals in the kit; the second part introduces the lessons and practices some of the learning activities in the binder, reviews the materials in the teaching kit, and shares teaching ideas.

Target Audience

Grades 4,5,6

To Bring/Important Notes

A large backpack, tote bag or box to take away kit materials.


10:30 AM - 3:00 PM

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  • Andrea Eisler

    Andrea is a MineralsEd partner-teacher and intermediate specialist who has taught in the Burnaby school district for much of her career. She has worked with and contributed to new content in MineralsEd's Integrated Resource Unit on Mining and has been presenting Pro-D workshops for this comprehensive unit to teachers across the province for many years. Andrea is an ongoing contributor to the development of MineralsEd’s teaching materials and learning activities, and currently also delivers a complementary classroom workshop, Junior Geologist, for intermediate students.

  • Sheila Stenzel

    Sheila is a geologist and Director of MineralsEd. She has teamed up with Ann Brace for many years to help present the geology part of this K-3 workshop and help build teachers' excitement and confidence in teaching about this important natural science.