Reaching Troubled Kids - A Dr. Gordon Neufeld Course facilitated by Ms. K. Janecke

Studies indicate that our children and youth have more troubles, get into more trouble, are more troubled, and can even be more troubling, than before. 

Fresh insights regarding emotion and the brain have paved the way to seeing troubled kids with new eyes, thus opening doors for change that are full of possibility. These insights also help to bring troubled kids back into the hands of those directly responsible for their care and education.

This approach to troubled kids is Dr. Neufeld’s synthesis and distillation of the relevant theory and research, honed by 45 years of clinical practice involving troubled children and youth. The attachment-based developmental approach has clear and practical implications for parenting, education and treatment, regardless of one’s arena of involvement and venue of application. This approach also applies to adults, as the dynamics of trouble are the same.

Target Audience

Teachers, Principals, Trustees, EAs, YCWs, Social Workers ...

To Bring/Important Notes

Paper and pen if you like to take notes; a comfortable place from which to participate in virtual learning.


8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

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  • Kairyn Janecke

    I am currently a principal of an elementary school and an interim principal of a secondary school, in a rural setting, in School District #57.  I have worn multiple hats in the education field, over the years, including counsellor, resource teacher, and classroom teacher. I am also a facilitator with the Neufeld Institute.