Math Games!

Math Games are a great way to support curriculum, practice basic skills and engage all learners.  This workshop will be hands-on, active and fun!  Learn games that are easy to differente and teach.  Participants will come away with a comprehensive package of ready-to-use games covering a wide range of concepts for the Intermediate classroom!

Target Audience

Grades 3-8

To Bring/Important Notes

pencil or pen


10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

This session is full.


  • Sandra McAulay

    Sandra has been teaching intermediate and middle school for 20 years first on Vancouver Island and now in Northern BC.  She currently teachers Grade 7 part time at Walnut Park Elementary in Smithers and is also a District Recource teacher where she collaborate with teachers from K-12.  Sandra's passions include numeracy, core competencies, differentiation, ADST and integratinh technologu in the classroom.  Sandra has presented at PITA, the Northern Indigenous Educaiton Symposium, and various workshops in SD #69 (Qualicum), SD #70 (Alberni) and SD #54 (Bulkley Valley).