Improving Student Success in Senior Sciences Through Cognitive Science

Over the past few months the BC Science Teachers listservs posted comments from teachers about student readiness for senior science classes. It's unclear if this is a Covid issue, curriculum issue or some other technology-related issue. But it's clear there appears to be an emerging consensus that there needs to be additional support given to students interested in Science. What can be done to help our students?

In the last thirty years the connection between cognitive science and classroom practice has become stronger and more relevant than ever. Building on evidence based research, there are now strategies that can be used in the classroom to support student learning. Let's take some time and explore a few of these findings. The goal is for you to use these instructional tools in your classroom. For our session, we will take a quick tour around the role of the working and long term memory and then explore the concepts of spaced retrieval, interleaved practice and automaticity. 

Recommended Pre-Reading: Improving student success in chemistry through cognitive science. JudithAnn R. Hartman, Eric A. Nelson and Paul A. Kirschner. 2022. 24:239-261.

Target Audience

Secondary school teachers (Gr 8-12)


10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

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    Lionel Sandner

    Lionel's professional background includes teaching in both the K - 12 and university systems, leading provincial and national curriculum science initiatives and creating print and digital resources. Lionel has received awards for outstanding excellence in education from the School Board Association, Council of Education Ministers and the Prime Minister of Canada Currently he spends time working with teachers supporting their practice with a focus on cognitive science, student engagement, and integrating technology into all subjects. He is also involved in working collaboratively with teachers to create customized resources using social media and digital printing technology. His new book, Failsafe Teaching Strategies is to be published by Pembroke Publisher this Fall.