Self-Regulation: Life's Continuous Journey

Self-Regulation has been a buzz word in education for a long time, but what does it actually mean? Why is it important for us and our students? In this session we will look closer at the stressors in our lives, learn how to identify them and go through some case studies, support strategies and tools that you can take home and use today!

Target Audience

All Ages, but maybe more geared toward elementary

To Bring/Important Notes

I have uploaded the slide-deck and some resources to this site for you to access, but other than that, I welcome you to join me in your comfy clothes, with your warm drink! Come ready to participate, ask questions and share your stories! 


11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

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  • TIE-BC
    Sarah Brooks

    Sarah Brooks, president of TIE-BC, is a learning assistance resource teacher in School District 85 with 15 years of experience. She has recently completed a certificate in Stuart Shanker's Self-Regulation Foundations Course. On top of this, she is a mom of 2 rambunctious boys, an avid outdoor adventurer who is passionate about supporting educators and students to be their best selves.