Playful inquiry and loose parts outdoors

In this workshop, participants will be inspired by the use of loose parts in playful inquiry outdoors. Participants will leave with practical and inspiring ideas for co-creating imaginative and inclusive spaces where children will joyfully engage in productive play for hours, no matter the weather! This session will explore the concept of risky play and introduce participants to practical management tips for both risks and hazards when facilitating loose parts play outdoors. We will work through the tensions that exsist between practice and research that help us better understand playful inquiry with loose parts as a suitable and preferred pedagogy for academic learning.

Target Audience

Suitable for everyone! Specifically Teachers K-7, Educational Assistants, School & District Support Staff

To Bring/Important Notes

To be determined


10:30 AM - 3:00 PM

This session is full.


  • Megan Zeni

    Megan Zeni in an advocate for the social, emotional and cognitive benefits of unstructured nature play in outdoor classrooms. She believes just about anything can be taught in a school garden, and that class time spent in nature develops empathy, resiliency, and self-regulated learning. With over 20 years of professional teaching and learning experience in K-7 outdoor and garden classrooms, Megan is dedicated to supporting teachers who wish to better understand how playful inquiry outdoors transforms children’s academic learning experiences. Megan is a first year PhD student at UBC in curriculum & pedagogy and shares out her learning on Instagram and Twitter at @roomtoplay