A Comprehensive Overview of Mental Health and How Teachers Can Improve Their Mental Fitness

The workshop will provide a comprehensive overview of mental health and is tailored specifically for teachers. It consists of two sections:

1. What Makes Teachers Vulnerable to Mental Health Issues?

Teachers are often high achievers in many areas of life. However, when teachers experience a prolonged period of unmanageable stress, their conscientiousness can backfire and increase their vulnerability to anxiety and depression. In this workshop, we will identify the major stressors that teachers face and learn how these factors can contribute to teachers learning to become more anxious and depressed over time.

2. Strategies to Improve Teachers’ Resiliency to Stress

Teachers often have a process to prepare a lesson plan, manage classroom behaviour, and evaluate students. However, like most people, teachers typically do not have a process to manage stress. This workshop will cover fundamental strategies based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to increase your ability to detect early signs of stress, regulate your emotions, and resolve the stressful issue.

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10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

This session is full.


  • Stuart Bowyer

    Stuart Bowyer, Director of Customer Success & Community at Starling Minds

    At Starling Minds, Stuart is responsible for helping organizations take a proactive approach to promoting mental wellbeing in the workplace.

    Prior to Starling Minds, Stuart worked at the University of British Columbia, Life Sciences Institute, as Director of Business Development. He led the creation of a regional, patient-oriented innovation network for autism spectrum disorders by leveraging advancements in personalized medicine, eHealth, big data, genomics and consumer wearables. Stuart has also held several senior roles in the financial and professional services sectors, including American Express and the Hogg Robinson Group plc in the UK and Canada

    Stuart holds a master’s degree from the University of Oxford and is a board member for REACH, a non-profit that provides treatment services to families across Metro-Vancouver.