Your Boreal Forest Medicine Cabinet: An introduction to wild herbs that help and heal.

There is a giant pharmacy right outside your door and it's called the Boreal Forest. 

There are many plants that help soothe and heal internally and externally.  You have a cut that is bleeding? Put Yarrow on it. You have a tooth ache? Pack Alder leaves around it. You have a headache? Drink Willow Bark Tea. This is just the tip of the iceberg, the list goes on!

In this class, you will learn about the different plants that are in our great Boreal Forest and the different methods of how to prepare them for medicinal use. There will be examples of products to view. 

Each Participant will get to go home with a few samples for their medicine cabinet to try: a tea, a tincture or liniment, and a salve. 

Please note: This does not replace the advice of a doctor or needed medicines prescribed by your doctor. This class is for educational purposes and to show simple herbal medicines for minor aches, pains and illness.  


(It will not let me write anything under room requirement...any room that will hold up to 18 people)

Target Audience

Outdoor People. People who want to learn about the nature that surrounds them.

To Bring/Important Notes

Note Book and Pen. Travel coffee mug. 


1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

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  • Jennifer Côté

    Jennifer is Wild Craft Guide and an outdoor enthusiast and with extensive knowledge of hunting, angling, and foraging. She offers hands-on guided classes of edible wild plants, medicinal plants, and wild mushrooms. Also, she offers classes on how to make natural herbal medicines from foraged plants and fungi. Jennifer offers and sells a variety of handmade locally-produced natural products like tea and salves.

    When she is out and about, her camera often accompanies her and she photographs wildlife and natural landscapes. Jennifer has a 'Northern Outdoor Recreational and Ecotourism' Certificate.