FPPL: Bring the poster with you!



The FPPL poster may be on your classroom wall, but does it follow you outside? The workshop proposes to look at the work to do to start moving towards going beyond the ‘FPPL poster on the classroom wall’ by exploring the notion purposefulness. The idea of community is a profound aspect to bring forward when on the land. As a means to convey this idea, examples are used to highlight ways to connect the FPPL to outdoor projects, and projects taking place outdoors. The workshop offers an experiential approach where participants will leave with sample projects that can easily relate to their own school/local community outdoors, and try out an online teaching resource to bring the outdoors in sometimes! Through relevant examples, become more resourceful and purposeful with embedding the FPPL into your teaching. It's all about being much more mindful of our teaching approach when being with nature. 


Target Audience

Kindergarten to Grade 9

To Bring/Important Notes

Having a computer so you can participate to the online portion! 


11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

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  • Sylvie de Grandpre

    Mme Sylvie has been an energetic educator for 30 years. She is an experienced K-9 educator, who teaches both in French and English. She has spent much time outside ‘in community’ with people and nature. She is passionate about students first and foremost, art, the outdoors, learning, talking, and.... chocolate of course!  She is a PhD candidate (ULeth) working towards purposefully embedding the FPPL within the curriculum and looking to Land as teacher.