Engaging Learning through Digital Storytelling and Interactive Resources from the NFB

The National Film Board has been documenting Canadian stories and sharing these with the Nation for more than 80 years. Access to new technologies and social media mean that young people are creating and uploading their stories at an unprecedented pace. This workshop will highlight the NFB’s new collection of interactive, learner-centered resources designed to meet students where they are at.


NFB Media School is a new digital resource that provides the essentials for creating and sharing a digital story while exploring a specific topic. This session will highlight select modules from Media School that focus on helping students to choose a topic, conduct quality research, assess ethics & fake news and learn technical skills.


CAMPUS is the NFB’s education streaming portal available to all teachers in Prince George and neighbouring districts. Learn how CAMPUS resources connect to BC’s curriculum and provide teachers with exclusive access to films, teacher guides, thematic playlists and a chaptering tool.


This session will also dive into Ocean School, a free digital resource designed to foster ocean literacy. Ocean School incorporates VR, AR and 360 video to help learners explore our impact on ocean habitats.



Target Audience

Teachers, Principals, Superintendents


1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

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  • Ross Johnstone

    Ross Johnstone is the NFB’s Education Business Development and Audience Engagement Manager for Western Canada. His experience is in designing multi media educational programming and resources that promote diversity, inclusion and global citizenship. With more than 15 years experience in media-arts education, Ross has been a strong advocate for working to develop critical thinking skills amongst learners and for leveraging film as the means to inspire youth to become positive change-makers in their schools and communities.