Global Climate Change..a path to reduce Fossil Fuel Use

This workshop will be 30 mins of the power point slides from Al Gore from around the world on Climate Change and evidences for that. It will also include some of the solutions where we can use Renewable energies like Solar and wind. The presentation will also include some local solutions and some things we can do at home too for reducing our Carbon footprint. Plus we will be looking at Canada's commitment to not selling anymore GAS cars by 2040. Then the other 30 mins will be time for discussion and questions on these global issues.

Target Audience

Elementary and Secondary teachers

To Bring/Important Notes

Just yourselves on ZOOM with a mic and camera


1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

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  • Brian Pataky

    Brian Pataky is a 30 yr Science Teacher in BC schools. He has a Geology degree originally with a BEd in Sec teaching followed by a Masters in Administration. Brian has taught Earth Sc 11 which includes: Geology, Oceanography, meteorology (Climate Sc) and Astronomy. As well he has taught Geology12 , Sci tech 11: Forestry, Fisheries, Agriculture, Forensic Sciences, Renewable Energies and Junior Sciences. This past year he attended the Al Gore summer conf (online) and has been certified as a Global Climate presenter.