Medicine Wheel Reflections - Importance through Feelings

NOTE: this is an in-person workshop taking place at the Two Rivers Gallery in Prince George. In a school setting children are required to learn basic educational skills from textbooks to fit the recommended curriculum. Children have limited coping skills, often internalizing and having a lack of positive identity. Positive affirmation and support should be an additional skill teachers and mentors are able to offer through small conversations and art projects reflecting around the medicine wheel. Medicine wheel teachings vary from nation to nation in general with balance being centered as the focus. Being able to boost a child’s mentality and mood will only increase their self-worth and self-esteem.


1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Two Rivers Gallery

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This workshops is held offsite at Two Rivers Gallery - 725 Canada Games Way - Prince George, BC - V2L 5T1 - Canada


  • Two Rivers Gallery
    Crystal Behn

    Crystal is the Indigenous programmer at Two Rivers Gallery, as well as an emerging artist that recently received the Fulmer award for first Nations art from the BC Achievement Foundation. She teaches beading and an assortment of native art with mixed natural textiles online via zoom on Thursday evenings. Crystal enjoys getting hands-on during the week at different schools teaching, painting, sculpting and an assortment of arts incorporating basic science.