Piece it Together with Fractions

Come prepared to play games that incorporate the use of easy to find regular dice, cards, and number lines (optional fractioin pieces) that help teach this vitally important part of the math curriculum.  Concepts covered will include:  identifying fractions as less than 1, greater than 1, and = to 1, equivalence, simple operations with fractions.  Participants will get ideas for how to socially distance the games, engage remote learners, and how to use the games in small groups or whole class instruction.   Handout will include gameboards, concept skill checklists that assist with assessment.  Ideas for differentiating the games will be provided throughout to help you rebuild the gaps that some students have as a result of a year of covid.  PARTICIPANTS WILL NEED TO BRING A DECK OF CARDS, 8 REGULAR DICE, 1 - 100 NUMBER LINE, (OPTIONAL - FRACTION PIECES. 

Target Audience

Grade 4 - 7

To Bring/Important Notes

Cards, 8 regular dice, (Optional items that would be beneficial to have on hand include: fraction pieces (circles or bars are fine), a 1 - 100 number line).


1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

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