Fun with Acrylics

WORKSHOP TAKES PLACE AT TWO RIVERS GALLERY DOWNTOWN PRINCE GEORGE.  What can you do with acrylics?  You can paint, stamp, dribble, drip and more.  Explore the versatility of acrylic paint and how you can use it in your classroom.  Use brushes, leaves, and cardboard as applicators. Do collaborative projects. Find out how to splatter paint without a huge mess.  Come away from this workshop with samples to “show and tell” and ideas to explore on your own.

Target Audience


To Bring/Important Notes

Just yourself!  Wear clothing appropriate for working with paints!


10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

This session is full.


  • Anna-Maria Lawrie

    Anna-Maria Lawrie is a Public Programmer at Two Rivers Gallery, assisting in the development and implementation of the programs presented at the Gallery.  She teaches art to people aged 2 to 92 and also enjoys making art from a variety of materials and media in her spare time.  With a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Masters of Education in Arts-based Education, Anna-Maria draws from a wide base of knowledge and interests when teaching or creating.