Cultural Genocide by Design, a truly Canadian Experience

A informative session surrounding the generational cultural genocide commited against Canada's Firsts Peoples; topic to be covered are the Residential Schools, the 60's scoop and reconcilation.    

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1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

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  • Richard Rusty Jaques

    My name is Richard Nanawin, I am an Elder from Manitoba, my Ookomisan (grandmothers- grandmother) is Ojibwa/Cree from Poplar River First Nation, Manitoba; my Omishoomisan (grandfathers-grandmother) Chippewa from Fond Da Lac Indian Nation, Michigan USA. I can attribute my Scottish/French family lines to the members of my family whom married Officers from Northwest Trading Company and Hudson's Bay Company in the early 19th century era.

    I am a Anishinaabe Aadizookaan (traditional storyteller) and Indigenous Graduate Scholar in the Native Indigenous Education Program (NITEP BE.d) at the University of British Columbia. My desire is to present advice, materials and resources that can be utilized the my peers, friends and associates to enhance inclusive Indigenous subject matter in their future lessons.