Empowering Students Through Holistic Climate Education (Part 1)

This interactive two-part workshop aims to help teachers gain confidence and competence bringing socio-ecological learning into their classrooms and teaching about climate change. You can are welcome to attend one or both of the workshop sessions. You are currently viewing the morning session.

In the morning session participants will discuss eco-anxiety and pedagogical approaches to mitigate these demoralizing emotions, while exploring learning resources that help students connect in participatory education-in-action. Registrants will receive free access to Student Leadership for Change (SLC), an on-line library of classroom-tested learning resources for holistic climate education, which empowers students to explore their values and develop agency.       

After lunch, participants will be guided in a process of Climate Curriculum Mapping, collaboratively identifying areas where climate change can connect to the BC curriculum (beyond where it is explicitly mentioned). Participants will be introduced to SLC and discover where various Action Packs can bring eco-learning into different subjects and grades. Participants will be invited to join an emergent Action Network to connect with other engaged teachers and receive additional mentorship, resources and support.

To Bring/Important Notes

Greetings Pro-D Participants of “Empowering Students Through Holistic Climate Education” 

Thanks for registering for this workshop this Friday, April 29th, led by Be the Change Earth Alliance. We are excited to share dialogue around eco-anxiety and regenerative education, explore classroom tools you can use right away for supporting and empowering youth on environmental, climate and social issues.

To make sure we can get going right away and you can receive the most value from our short time together, please: 

Register for your FREE access to SLC:

Follow this link to create an account to access our online resource library, Student Leadership for Change (SLC). Completing this under 5 minute process now will ensure you can participate fully in our session together on Friday. As a gift to you, you will have free access to all our eco-social learning resources moving forward. 

If you have any troubles, feel free to email Jake Hubley, our Program and Communications Coordinator at jake@bethechangeearthalliance.org

Other Helpful resources:

Once you register for SLC you’ll be able to access our website directory, which connects you to our resources by topic and our course connections, mapping our resources to the BC curriculum. This might give you some insight for our session and be helpful thereafter.

Found at this link is a PDF overview of the Student Leadership for Change resources we will be referring to. 

View a model of Transformative Regenerative Education we will refer to, which underpins SLC resources


10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

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  • Jake Hubley

    Jake is the Program and Communications Coordinator at BTCEA. He is a passionate facilitator of eco-social education with 12 years of experience as an environmental and social justice organizer and activist. He holds a BA in Sociology and Environmental Sustainability, Minor in Philosophy and is a certified Integrative Coach and Mindfulness Instructor. Jake believes in our power to co-create a truly life-affirming and regenerative education system which fosters interconnectedness, emergence and transformation.

  • Be the Change Earth Alliance
    Maureen Jack-LaCroix

    Maureen Jack-LaCroix is an inspiring environmental educator with 18 years of professional experience, philosophical study and praxis. She has a Masters in Eco-Psychology through Naropa U., is a senior facilitator of Joanna Macy’s work, a PhD candidate at SFU/Education, the founder of non-profit Be the Change Earth Alliance, and co-creator of Student Leadership for Change learning resources.