All Things Wild: An Introduction to Wild Crafting

Part one: Teas - Learn about the plants and fungi that can be made into herbal teas that grow in our Northern Boreal region. Learn about their uses and medicinal benefits, and when and where to harvest them. Sample five different teas. Each participant will get to go home with a sample of ’wild rosehip tea'. 

Part two: Make your own Salve - Learn how to make "Balm of Gilead" (Cottonwood Bud) Salve. Learn the medicinal benefits of the Black Cottonwood buds and how to prepare it to make a salve/ointment. Learn when and where to harvest the buds. Each participant will get to take home their own container of 'Balm of Gilead'.

Part Three: Home Decor- Make your own home decor using Willow Branches. Learn how to make 'Willow Stick Stars' for this fun and simple craft. Natural and rustic looking, they can be used as an outside or inside decoration. Each Participant will get to make and take home one star. Maybe more if time permits. 

Target Audience

Outdoor people. People who have an interest in natural food, medicine and foraging

To Bring/Important Notes

Each participant needs to bring a Travel/coffee mug. Notebook and paper. Bag to take their goods home in. 



10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

This session is full.


  • Jennifer Cote

    Jennifer is Wild Craft Guide and an outdoor enthusiast and with extensive knowledge of hunting, angling, and foraging. She offers hands-on guided classes of edible wild plants, medicinal plants, and wild mushrooms. Also, she offers classes on how to make natural herbal medicines from foraged plants and fungi. Jennifer offers and sells a variety of handmade locally-produced natural products like tea and salves.

    When she is out and about, her camera often accompanies her and she photographs wildlife and natural landscapes. Jennifer has a 'Northern Outdoor Recreational and Ecotourism' Certificate.