Leadership Strategies from the Smokehouse

He won’t give you the typical motivational speaker spiel about how to follow your dreams, but through wry, self-deprecating wit and folksy wisdom, he’ll lay out the map of his own life’s journey of interpreting Indigenous principles and philosophies and translating them into practical applications for modern realities. And he’ll invite you to undertake your own journey of discovery on your leadership pathways.

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10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

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    Art Napoleon

    Art Napoleon Cultural Leader alongside a 35-year career history hyper-focused on Indigenous Culture, Art is also a professional speaker and facilitator.  He’s an internationally recognizable eclectic entertainer and educator. From culture camps to corporate conferences, his colorful delivery is relatable to Indigenous and nonindigenous audiences, alike. Health & Wellness, community and corporate strategies, culturally informed keynotes, bush cooking, rocking out venues, and delivering up hernia-inducing laughter. Cultural revitalization, entertainment, moderating, producing, designing. Let us know what you’re after, and we’ll help you put together the perfect package to bring Art to your cultural offering. Art also has extensive experience in needs assessment, development, research and delivery of curriculum along with program management and accountability to metrics. He is charismatic and energizing – a real crowd pleaser with humor and humility – and always in a good way.