Fuel your Body to Teach

Teaching can be a high-stress job that easily spills over into your home. 

Learn to fuel your body with quality sleep, nutrition, and downtime to come away with actionable steps to reach peak performance both in the classroom and in your personal life. 

This is an interactive workshop that will include meditation and looking at your current life habits. 

Teachers are struggling with their own mental, emotional, and physical health on a daily basis. I feel it is imperative they have effective, simple habits to fuel their body and mind to be able to teach in their classrooms without them feeling like they are barely surviving and having to push through until the next break. 

The focus of this session will be to support teachers where they are at and that their own health and well-being are very important and needs to be a focus.

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1:15 PM - 2:45 PM

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  • Spherical Healing
    Carman Murray

    Carman's mission is to help teachers and educators fuel their mind, body, and spirit so they can live life unapologetically, both in and out of the classroom.

    Carman has spent the last 20 years learning to shift her own life priorities into alignment with the gifts she has to offer others. No longer in a classroom setting, she has leaned into mentoring and supporting others on their own healing journey.

    Carman is here to help teachers and educators create the habits that will take them from overwhelmed to energized and truly happy.

    Experienced in speaking, Carman Murray brings authenticity and an interactive experience in her workshops and talks. She is passionate about guiding others in rekindling their life balance.

    Carman volunteers with students at the Rockyview Leadership Academy during their monthly meetups; assists with organizing and running conferences with the Canadian Student Leadership Association.

    Carman is excited to announce that her book for supporting teachers in and out of the classrooms will be released in 2023