Getting Started with Physical Literacy

If you are wondering what physical literacy is and how you can incorporate it into your K-7 instruction, this workshop is for you! Gain an understanding of the theory behind this approach and learn some practical ways that you can start to develop your students’ physical literacy next class. A mix of theory and interactive instruction makes this a fun and informative. Come ready to move.


10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

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  • Sport for Life
    Chantiel Drschiwiski

    Chantiel Drschiwiski is a community leader who loves helping all people find new activities to feel passionate about, and to help them discover how amazing they can be! For Chantiel, life is all fun. Why make practice repetitious and tedious when you can give it a twist to make it fresh and exciting. Chantiel works with Engage Sport North as a leader in physical literacy she is an NCCP certified coach who has mentored under some of our countries finest instructors. Her time is spent pursuing her love for outdoor sports – you can find her out on the hiking trails, rock climbing, snowboarding, riding her horses or out on the adult sized obstacle course that she built in her backyard.