Guided Imagery in the Classroom: Theory, Benefits and Practical Application

Repeat session from morning. This workshop was designed to introduce the positive implications of using guided imagery in the classroom. We will introduce resources that use stories, pictures and discussion, to help educators work with students to calm and refocus, build self esteem and self worth, learn emotional self regulation and care, and develop a positive and grateful outlook on life.

Just as we have seen the positive impact yoga and mindfulness programs have brought to classrooms across the country, guided imagery is a simple to use tools that can make a big difference. By teaching healthy habits, instilling valuable character traits and promoting positive mindsets, we can help our children lead happy childhoods and grow into confident and caring members of society.

Target Audience

Teachers, support staff, administrators and librarians

To Bring/Important Notes

Pen and Notebook 


1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

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  • Megan Knott

    Megan is an educator and a mother who lives and works in Northern British Columbia.  Seeing first hand the impact of mental illness in her community, she was inspired to reach out to families as well as others in the field of education, through the development of Rosy Window Productions. She brings to the table her training and experience as a teacher to develop tools to assist children in overcoming personal obstacles and making positive changes to their mental health. 

  • Bev Berg

    Bev is a certified Counselling Hypnotherapist who lives and practices in Northern British Columbia. As a long-time advocate for mental health, Bev shifted her focus somewhat in 2015 when she co-founded Rosy Window Productions and began the development of resources that assist parents and caregivers in encouraging positive mental health in their children. As a mother and grandmother and with her practice, Bev knows the importance of instilling positive mindsets and constructive character traits early on in life.