Coding Tools for your Classroom - A Beginners guide

In this hands on workshop we will focus on how to incorprate code into your classroom using teeny tiny robots called Ozobots and microprogrammable computers called Microbits.

Ozobots can be used for grades 3+ and grow with the student as thier coding ability increases. We will first learn how to code through colour and line drawing then we will bring our skills online and teach the robot groovy dance moves while learning the basic functions of code. 

In the afternoon we will switch our focus to Microbits, where we will learn to program video games, build circuts and tinker with code. Microbits are a never ending fun filled item that allow your students imagination to guide in its discovery. 

This will be a beginner level workshop. 

Target Audience

Teachers wanting to bring code into their classroom. Gr. 4+

To Bring/Important Notes

Laptops/Ipads - Max # will depend on how many I can get/ if school allows me to borrow some 







10:30 AM - 3:00 PM

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  • Jaclyn Baxter

    Jaclyn works at The Exploration Place as thier Tech Up Facilitator. Tech Up is focused on teching up current programs as well as creating new ones to serve the province of BC and the ever growing need for coding, computational thinking and digital literacy skills.