How To Give A F.E.C. About Queer and Trans Youth

School can be a scary place when you are different. Bullying and exclusion often occur because a student falls outside of the mainstream; whether that be their race, financial circumstances, language, ability, sexuality, or gender identity. Because LGBTQ2S+ people have made such huge advances in terms of human rights and representation these last few years, more and more youth are feeling empowered enough to come out as queer or gay or lesbian or bisexual or trans, in high school, junior high, and even elementary school. We need to make sure that we are ready to welcome them, and that we have the resources, knowledge and information at the ready to support them. We need to give a FEC about these youth. We will discuss the F (Facilities) the E (Environment) and the C (Curriculum) changes that need to happen to truly make school culture safer for all. 


10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

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  • Ivan Coyote