Why We Tell Stories

This Storytelling in Science and Social Studies workshop fuses the poetic elements of storytelling with the hard facts of Science and Social Studies, encouraging students to connect with concepts in a personally meaningful way. During the workshop, students use their natural curiosity and personal experience to connect themselves to the theories they are learning about. Empowering students to go beyond simply stating the facts, they will learn to describe the story in a compelling way that uses scientific theory, historical and geographical thinking as the narrative. Krogstad breaks down the recipe for making Science and Social studies poetic and how to write a captivating story. Because Science and Social Studies don’t have a voice, but you do.

Target Audience

Grades 7 to 12, Science

To Bring/Important Notes

Teachers will participate by writing / creating their own work.  Writing surface (desk / table / etc) is preferred. Recommend that teachers bring their own writing utensils and paper for efficiency of workshop.  I will provide extras.


1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

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  • Miranda Krogstad

    Miranda Krogstad is a spoken word poet and educator who uses her words to empower students of all ages and walks of life.  Teaching life skills including self-confidence, self-expression, and community-building, she has performed workshops in over a dozen cities around the province.  A member of the 2016 national wild card team, a two-time Canada Council for the Arts grant recipient, she has since co-founded the organization YYSpeak.