WoTL- The Where of Teaching and Learning

This presentation invites teachers from SD #57 to learn about the WoTL research project.  WoTL means the where of teaching and learning.  WoTL is a critical ethnographic study that investigates the concept of where in teaching and learning.  Teachers often emphasizes what is to be taught (curriculum), how to teach (pedagogy), and when curriculum  will be covered (grades/subject disciplines), however where teaching and learning occur has been under contemplated. 

WoTL begins to gather data on where teaching and learning are occurring in the K-12 experience.  Where contexts include physical wheres (classrooms, gymnasiums, libraries, computer labs, outdoors, etc.), but are not limited to physicality and also consider mental where (mood state, attention, etc.), socio-emotional where (community, mentorship, support, etc.), or spiritual where (religious, contemplative, metaphysical, etc.).

Through this project, we aim to draw attention to the significance that where plays in the lives of educators and learners.


10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

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  • UNBC
    Hartley Banack

    Dr. Hart Banack is an Assistant Professor in the School of Education at the University of Northern British Columbia.  Hart works with pre and in-services teachers in the areas of outdoor learning, physical and health education, and science education. Hart also works with graduate students in areas of reaserch methods, leadership, and foundations/philosophy of education.