Databases: Looking beyond the basics

Databases are used by all post secondary institutions, both academic & trades. Teaching students how to utilize these resources to get the most out of them gives them a big advantage. This workshop will take you through GALE, Explora and World Book Advanced. Each program has a number of useful tools that we often don't have the time to look at. I am offering this workshop virtually so you can explore as I share.


10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

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  • Peace River South SD59
    Jennifer Fox

    I am currently aa Teacher-Librarian at a 10-12 school in Dawson Creek and but have also taught math, science, PE, social studies and English to grades 4 through 12 during my career. Over the last six years in the library, I have been working with all subject area teachers,w sharing digital resources and skills with their classes. When I took my TL training it was on line and databases were all that were used. It was all new to me but it helped me realize how wonderful they are to use. It became part of my TL philosophy to ensure that students understood how databases can help. I have been an active member of the union in one way another for 30 years. Most recently I have been part of the BC Teacher-Librarians' Association.