The Love Language of Professional Judgment: How high school teachers can make great assessment decisions.

For too long high school teachers have allowed electronic grade books to determine percentages and grades for their students. Percentages and grades don't accurately communicate learning if they are a result of categories, weighting, and averaging. With the advent of the new reporting order and a drive towards standards-based grading, it's time for high school teachers to take back their power of professional judgment and make assessment decisions alongside students.  But why now? Why is it better? Where do I start?  How much work will it be? What will the impact be for my students? What about percentages and post-secondary requirements?  I will answer all of these questions and share my assessment journey that began with the way I was taught to assess and how my professional judgment has evolved from being not just a practice but a love language. 

Participants should bring a writing utensil and paper to take notes.

Target Audience

Secondary school teachers (Gr 8-12)


1:15 PM - 2:45 PM

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  • Shannon Schinkel

    I’ve been a Humanities and Drama teacher in Prince George for 25 years. I am also a blogger, author, speaker, co-founder of the Assessment Consortium of British Columbia, and administrator of two Facebook groups, Beyond Report Cards and The Humanities Zone, and an assessment disruptor. I am also a recipient of a Prime Minister's Teaching Award (2022).