Beginners Archery

Learn how to safely shoot with a bow and arrow at the indoor shooting range led by the experts at Silver Tips Archery Club.  A bus will be provided for participants to the shooting range and all equipment, instruction and information will be provided. Focus on Safety and a short history of the bow and its' developments to archery over the years. A full day session with bagged lunch provided. 


Target Audience

PE Teachers, High school teachers


10:20 AM - 3:00 PM

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  • Melanie Switzer

    Melanie is a teacher of all trades. She has taught in many different high schools and in many differen subject areas. She enjoys the outdoors and being active. Melanie was first introduced to archery in her grade 12 high school class and has recently become more intrested in it after having brought a PE class to the archery range on a field trip.