The Future is in your hands – See what you can do!

This interactive workshop introduces teachers to BC Tomorrow’s free, online learning tools. A short presentation is followed by a guided tour of BC Tomorrow’s interactive land use simulator and education tools. The innovative simulator allows students to choose their region, look back in time, travel into the future, and then design a future they would like to see. As part of their investigation, students can also incorporate Climate Change projections. Our approach at BC Tomorrow puts the tools into students’ hands giving them the opportunity to learn, share, solve problems and investigate issues as they apply learning to address real concerns and trends. Attendees will be able to access the tutorials, practice with lesson templates, or design ways to incorporate BC Tomorrow into their own classrooms.

To Bring/Important Notes

Please access the "How to" Checklist and complete the login process (up to #3). Consider also going to the "Teacher resources" section from the main dashboard and trying one of the "General lessons" as outlined in step 4. 


10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

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  • BC Tomorrow
    Dave Ramsay

    Dave Ramsay is an experienced BC Science educator. While developing Watershed sustainability curriculum for use in schools, he discovered Alberta Tomorrow's powerful project. In collaboration with the Board of Directors, business and other educators, Dave has been developing BC Tomorrow for use by educators throughout BC.