K-3 Number Sense: Setting our Students up for Success in Grade 4

How can we support our Primary students as they enter Intermediate grades? By looking at the grade 4 math curriculum and tracing the concepts and strategies back down through Primary grades, we can highlight the 'continuum of learning' students need in number sense to grasp the new concepts of large numbers, fractions, decimals, multiplication and division. We'll then try out activities that build number sense - counting collections, number talks, choral counting and math games - that we can use in our classrooms daily. Masters of all activities will be provided.

Target Audience

Elementary school teachers (K-7)

To Bring/Important Notes

Please bring 2-3 highlighters to the session. Also please copy and bring the Math curriculum 'Continuous Views' located in the Resources below. Masters of all games used will be uploaded after the workshop.


1:15 PM - 2:45 PM

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  • Self-employed numeracy consultant
    Jeannie DeBoice

    Jeannie DeBoice taught for 35 in Sooke District on Vancouver Island, teaching grades Kindergarten to 6. From 2004 - 2012 she was Sooke’s Numeracy coordinator during which time she completed her Masters in Curriculum (Elementary mathematics focus). She recently retired as Vice-Principal of Curriculum and Learning for Sooke School District and now teaches math pedagogy at UVIC, advises for the Ministry of Education and works as a Numeracy Consultant.