Communicating in Colour: A Mixed Media Workshop (Part 2)

Using canvas panels and a variety of mixed media, participants will create a colour-inspired work of art. We will look at the Medicine Wheel and talk about ways teachers can infuse indigenous content without misappropriating culture. This project can be adapted for various age and skill levels., and can be adapted and modified easily for differentiated learning.  Note: This is part 2 of a two hour workshop. You should also sign up for part 1 in the second workshop session in the morning.

Target Audience

Visual Arts educators (K-12, including elementary generalists)

To Bring/Important Notes

1) Canvas panel or other surface (can be stretched canvas, canvas board, wooden cradle panel, even stiff cardboard or a thin piece of plywood or hardboard); paintbrushes 

2) Texturing material (cheesecloth, tissue paper, or scrap fabric)

3) acrylic modeling paste or drywall compound with white glue, mod podge, or gel medium

4) assorted materials of your choice (photos, magazines, buttons, thread, ticket stubs, etc.)

5) acrylic paint in assorted colours (choose a colour from the medicine wheel or a colour that means something to you as your dominant colour, and then whatever other colours you'd like to include; any quality is fine)

6) optional: black, neutral, or white gesso (if you're using stretched canvas or a canvas board, it will already be primed white, so gesso is optional; if you're using a material such as hardboard or plywood, you'll want to prime it first, but can subsitute with house primer if you have some already)

7) optional: stencil (you can make your own or improvise with something else as well)

8) optional: gel medium (can be mixed with liquid watercolour paint, food colouring, sand, seed beads, etc. If you don't have gel medium, you'll need some kind of adhesive (liquid glue, mod podge...) to attach some of your items

9) recommended: hair dryer to speed up drying time and palette knife/knives 

Sources for supplies: dollar stores and hardware stores will have some of these items. If you order supplies for your class at the same time, Opus and Curry's will ship for free for orders over a certain amount. Michaels and your local art supply store also carry some of these items, but they will cost more. I have tried to make the supply list open-ended enough that you can go as budget-friendly as you like, especially if you are working with limited funds.


1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

This session is full.


  • Sharon Richards

    Sharon Richards is an art teacher at Westsyde Secondary, and she worked on both the K-9 and 10-12 Arts Education curriculum writing teams. She is also on the executive of the BC Art Teachers' Association, having served in various roles such as president, webmaster, and Visually Speaking editor (current). She has presented workshops at various conferences, and represented BC at the CSEA, NAEA, and the Canadian Consultations to UNESCO.