Bring Genetics Workshops To Your Classrooms With Geneskool

Genome BC Geneskool™ supports educators by connecting grade 9-12 students to cutting edge genetic research. COVID-19 has reshaped our program; forcing us to adapt our collection of hands-on workshops from an in-person delivery model to online learning, and to create new ways for students to engage with Geneskool volunteers. 

This workshop will showcase ways in which Geneskool is utilizing technology to increase classroom access to quality genetics workshops during the pandemic: 

1. Learn how to use the free downloadable resources from to bring Geneskool workshops into the classroom, using the Outbreak activity as an example. 


2. *New Activity* Try out an interactive activity that asks participants to discuss the societal impacts, risks and rewards of genomic technology applications from a variety of perspectives (government, industry, scientists, etc). This activity is complete with videos and worksheets to supplement discussions. 

Target Audience

Grade 9-12 educators

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11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

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  • Connie Leung

    Connie Leung strives to educate and increase genomic and genetic literacy across the province with Geneskool programming. She collaborates with educators, volunteers, students, and GBC staff to do so. One of her favorite things about Geneskool is seeing the excitement from students when they make connections with their learning.

    Prior to working at Genome BC, Connie worked with Let’s Talk Science and Science World, educating students about research methods, and curriculum topics in STEM. She has over 10 years of experience teaching chemistry, anatomy, neuroanatomy, and physiology at the university.


    She holds a BSc in Microbiology from UBC Okanagan, and a PhD in Cell and Developmental Biology studying diabetes, obesity, and genetics from UBC Vancouver.

  • Aaron Liu


    Aaron Liu is a PhD Candidate at UBC studying Experimental Medicine. He currently works under the supervision of Drs. Soren Gantt and Agatha Jassem at BC Children’s Hospital and BC Centre for Disease Control, having previously worked with Dr. Tobias Kollmann at the Vaccine Evaluation Centre since 2017. His research involves using next-generation sequencing to understand viral infection and vaccine derived immunity. His interests are in developing high throughput assays to measure antibody responses to viral infections to aid the development of vaccines and epidemiological surveillance of viral infections. Aaron has previously held the BCCHR Healthy Starts Studentship and currently holds UBC’s Four Year Fellowship.