Wisdom of the Medicine Wheel

The Wisdom held in the Medicine Wheel is one of many ancient visions from all over the world.  The Medicine Wheel is a teaching tool that assists an individual in bringing about change; in our lives, the classrooms and the world. Each participant will create a prayer tag that reflects the teachings of the four directions of the Medicine Wheel and the elements represented within us and the wheel.

Target Audience


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Notebook and pencils


10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

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  • Sharon Anderson

    For the last eleven years, Sharon Anderson has been a Native American Medicine Wheel facilitator in Valemount and area. Sharon is passionate about sharing the Medicine Wheel teachings because it is an Earth-based spirituality.  Having taught pottery for 30 years, it was an easy fit into assisting people to move into a new way of perceiving their world and their place in it.