Feedback as an Act of Equity (It’s Not Just a Hoop to Jump Through) – Elementary

This practical break-out session will build on the themes of the morning’s keynote and help to extend your understanding of how feedback that feeds learning forward brings both equity and rigour into our classrooms.

Highlights of this session include:

  • The multiplying effect of feedback
  • Conditions to ensure that students can successfully provide and receive feedback
  • Strategies that teachers can use to engage students in cycles of specific and descriptive feedback

Elementary classroom-based accounts and examples will help you make connections to your current assessment practice.


1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

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  • Sandra Herbst

    An unparalleled depth of experience, in a range of education systems, provides Sandra Herbst with a uniquely qualified viewpoint on leadership and pedagogical practices. Her roles as teacher (Elementary, Secondary, and specialist), school leader, assistant superintendent, and Past President of the Manitoba Association of School Superintendents, contribute to a broad range of practical insights, that serve to enhance her vast theoretical knowledge. Because of this range of experience, she is as effective in the boardroom speaking to Trustees about governance, as she is doing demonstration lessons in classrooms with students.

    Sandra’s body of work is expansive: author, speaker, coach, mentor, and consultant, with extensive experience in educational and system leadership, adult learning, and assessment. She has helped jurisdictions, districts, and schools to reflect on their current programs, identify their long-term aspirations, and strategically plan to achieve their future visions.

    Sandra has worked in many Indigenous communities in all three territories and several provinces and has grown her understanding of Indigenous ways of knowing and being. As a result of learning alongside Indigenous Elders and leaders, she has come to better understand her land, herself, and her community and the strength of truth and reconciliation.

    Sandra expresses her compassion through a deep commitment to equity in education and to systems that advance the democracy of our communities. She is proud to call Winnipeg, Manitoba home. It is the place and the people there that ground her and remind her that every person deserves to be wrapped in care and dignity – no matter their age.