Circle of Security Parenting program In the Classroom

This workshop introduces the foundation of the Circle of Security Parenting program.  Using two fifteen minute videos, questions and discussions, participants will understand what is hidden in plain sight when a child misbehaves.  By exploring the needs of a child, the workshop will help educators get insight into the action needed to handle more challenging behaviors.  This will assist participants in developing a more secure attachment with children who may otherwise challenge educators.

Target Audience

Pre-K and Elementary Educators

To Bring/Important Notes

Paper and pen

Examples of challenging behaviors.


1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

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  • Regena Bergen

    Regena Bergen is a Circle of Security Parenting program Facilitator from Valemount, BC.  She has worked as a casual Education Assistant for the past two years and has first hand experience and knowledge on how the Circle of Security Parenting program can work in the classroom.  Regena's passion is teaching caregivers, teachers, parents and grandparents how to develop a secure healthy relationship with children, spouses, co-workers and friends.