Reading Portfolios: Reading, Responding, and Reflecting

Learn how to engage students in responding to self-selected novels, resulting in Reading Portfolios.  Students have diverse options to select from when drafting their responses, submitting entries every two weeks.  Bryan will provide insight as to how he provides descriptive feedback to build their capacity to respond with depth, elaboration, and voice.  He will demonstrate how he builds student understandings about what makes powerful, effective responses, and will illustrate how students engage in self-evaluation, and reflect on Core Competencies, particularly Creative and Critical Thinking.

Target Audience

Grades 5 - 8


1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

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  • Bryan Gidinski

    Bryan Gidinski ( is an intermediate teacher with 25+ years of teaching experience. He has a passion for writing and creates rich writing experiences for students, so that they develop comfort and become experimental with language and composition. He also advocates ensuring that marginalized students see themselves reflected in curriculum.