Maximize Student Achievement using Brain-Based Strategies

In this interactive workshop, you will:

- Receive the latest research on the brain and how its function is affecting your students and classroom;

- Understand how and why the brain impacts readiness to learn;

- Learn easy to implement activities and movements that get your students' brains activated and ready to learn;

- Feel equipped with proven strategies to help improve classroom behaviour, emotions, and learning at its core;

- Gain free access to our brain boosting platform for 30 days to help kick-start your classroom into high gear!

This workshop provides simple, yet proven neourology-based strategies that may benefit all students and classrooms learning and productivity, including those with learning and behavioural challenges. 

Target Audience

Elementary School Educators and Principals (K-7), EA/TA's, School Counsellors, Special Education Educators

To Bring/Important Notes

- pen and paper

- we will be standing up and moving lightly, so wear comfortable clothing!


1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

This session is full.


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    Laura Dieleman

    Dr. Laura Dieleman, BSc, DC, is a mother of three, a chiropractor by trade, and has done postdoctoral studies in functional neurology for the last 13 years with a focus on children with neuro-behavioural disorders. While in the midst of having three children, Dr. Dieleman developed a growing concern for the increasing challenges children around her were facing. Due to this, she shifted her focus toward neurobehavioural disorders in children and found an incredible link between learning, movement, behaviour, and brain function.

  • Cally Bailey

    BBA, CHC. Cally has spent years studying and practicing a thoroughly researched form of mindfulness. Strengthened by her own personal success story of overcoming mental health battles, she was inspired to bring this into classrooms and has since gone through rigorous training with Brown University focused in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, currently used in hospitals around the world.