UNBC Education - information table hosted by Dr. Hart Banack.  Opportunities to connect with two research projects: "The Where of Teaching and Learning" <https://www2.unbc.ca/education/where-teaching-and-learning-wotl-study> and "Climate Education in Teacher Education" <https://www2.unbc.ca/education/climate-education-teacher-education>.


Destination Imagination BC

Note: BC Original Minds Association is the registered non-profit that runs Destination Imagination BC.


Dyslexia Canada

Hello, We would love a chance to exhibit at your conference and share information with teachers about dyslexia and the work of Dyslexia Canada.  We are a small charity focused on providing information and support to parents and teachers of students with dyslexia.


Eastern Woodland Art

I was an IEW at Duchess and at Heather Park until 2021. I have an art installation at HP. I have a Board Game that will be ready for sale and would like to do a soft launch at the Spring Fling. Check the Game on my website at www.easternwoodlandart.ca 


Family Support Institute of BC

The Family Support Institute of BC (FSI) is a provincial not for profit society committed to supporting families who have a family member with a disability. 

FSI is unique in Canada and the only grass roots family-to-family organization with a broad volunteer base. 

FSI’s supports and services are FREE to any family.



FamilySmart provides peer support to caring adults whose young people having mental health or substance use concerns. We know that children and young people do better when the adults who care about them are supported. We provide free support to caregivers, along with quality educational programs, events and workshops. 


Focused Education Resources

Focused Education Resources is a not-for-profit, shared services organization created to fulfill a mission of supporting excellence in K-12 education in British Columbia. Our role is to build capacity and advance education for school districts, and First Nations schools, other stakeholders, and partners, and ultimately students.


Genome British Columbia

Genome BC Geneskool is a life sciences outreach program with hands-on content and activities designed for grade 9-12 students. August 2023 will be the first time Geneskool hosts a summer camp in Prince George in partnership with UNBC.


IXL Learning

IXL Learning offer Math and ELA digital products for K-12 (including Calculus).  Our comprehensive platform makes it easy for students and teachers to identify strengths and needs, knowing exactly which skills to work on in order to close gaps, maintain current progress, and grow learners! IXL empowers teachers to know when and where to most efficiently and effectively grow students, whatever that learning environment looks like.     


Learning Differences Centre (Society) of BC

Not sure what I am supposed to type in here.

The Learning Differences Centre is a one-to-one Tutoring Centre. Using the Orton-Gillingham we are able to adapt this method to assist children with many different learning difficulties. This method is multi-sensory, tactile and repetitive.

We are dedicated to our believe that all can learn, it is our job to find out the best way for that they learn, everyone deserves the very best chance to succeed in life. 

You can also find us on www.facebook.com/thelearningdifferencescentre 


myPITA - Provincial Intermediate and Middle Years Teachers Association

myPITA provides professional development opportunities and teaching resources for intermediate and middle school teachers across BC. Our volunteer executive works hard to support teachers helping teachers.


Play Roly

Early reading strategies for educators!

Invite parents to join you, making learning to read easy and fun for everyone—Play Roly is a free, at home, playful learning program that complements and enhances preschool and kindergarten reading development and is founded on the science of reading research. A fun, parent-friendly game (parents don’t need special teaching skills), Play Roly videos take care of teaching the foundational skills of reading. Parents can easily fit this daily two-minutes-a-day fun game into their schedules and ensure their child learns and practices one-on-one at home in a relaxed atmosphere—age appropriately.


UNBC Active Minds - Youth Programs

UNBC Active Minds offers a full slate of science, engineering, and computer camps, events and workshops for youth ages 6 to 16. We pilot new ways of learning STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) through internships opportunities, campus tours, and classroom visits. We love working with teachers to explore innovative and exciting ways to deliver science curriculum, particularly on engineering, computer science, biology, and chemistry. We operate out of the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) with the support of its staff, faculty, and student volunteers. 


Vernon Teach and Learn Ltd

We are excited to be coming to your teacher conference for 2023!  Drop by to see us for all your great learning aids and tools!  Lets make your job fun!